Theatre Review, by Bethany Copeland

Colin David Reese brings John Heminges to life in his one-man show Shakespeare Unbound – a Gift To The Future

John Heminges was the man responsible for bringing Shakespeare’s work to print. Reese resurrected this relatively unknown character through a natural, convincing performance and audience engagement.

Reese’s Heminges travelled into the future to see if the audience knew “Young Will’s” name. He added just the right amount of humour, asking how the union with Scotland was going.

Reese’s passion for John Heminges’s life was obvious in his one-hour act, which he had researched and written himself. He laughed, “I see myself almost as his reincarnation”.

At the end, Reese brought a tear to the eye as he begged the audience to spread Will’s name and ask that they might remember him, Heminges, too.