An interview with Kim Tilbury discussing the origins of “Shakespeare Unbound,” and how it came to be written, and presented in theatres around the world.

The History of European Theatre (podcast)

27 February 2023: A special episode in conversation with actor and Shakespeare expert Colin David Reese whose one man play ‘Shakespeare Unbound’ tells of the production of the first folio edition of Shakespeare’s plays and its creator John Heminges.

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The State of Shakespeare (podcast)

8 February 2013: To cue or not to cue that is the question. Colin David Reese uses cue scripts in performing Shakespeare. He also eschews punctuation, breathes only at the end of the verse line and incorporates leCoq into his work. Not one to mince words, Colin never fails to entertain and enlighten in this, our first international interview. Sit back and listen to how it will fadge.

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