The Video

Shakespeare Unbound is a one man play created by veteran British actor and Shakespeare aficionado Colin David Reese, in which he portrays John Heminges as he relates the life in theatre of his friend and colleague, in the process performing revealing excerpts from some of William Shakespeare’s greatest works and recreating the contemporary context that kindled Shakespeare’s genius.

Reese draws on a lifetime of researching and performing Shakespeare to paint as convincing a portrait of the life of the Bard as can be imagined. He has performed his one man play around the world to universal acclaim and continues to hold workshops and webinars that explore Shakespeare’s life and art with participants ranging from young students of literature and drama to seasoned professional actors.

While Reese has performed his one man theatre show around the world, he thought about how he could let more people see Shakespeare Unbound than could see it live. He was especially keen not to lose the direct interaction with a modern audience that is a hallmark and acclaimed feature of the theatre performance.

The answer lay in using technology and an awareness of how people communicate today to simultaneously take the audience into the Elizabethan / Jacobean world and to make John Heminges and Shakespeare Unbound come directly alive for a modern audience.

Now, Shakespeare Unbound is available on video, able to reach even greater audiences who can watch and re-watch to catch the nuances and gain the most acute understanding of Shakespeare, the man and the playwright, his life and his art, that can possibly be gleaned.

You will come away with much greater insight into the playwright and the poet, and a deeper appreciation of his extraordinary talent.